Spring Entertaining

Spring Entertaining

Spring entertaining with Kempsey Central

Now that spring is upon us and we are allowed a few visitors at home, the thought of entertaining is setting in.

Kempsey Central you covered – head into Early Rise Bakery and grab a cob loaf to make the perfect dip dish.

Jump on The Gourmet Chicken Shop’s September offer Greek Lemon Split Chicken for only $12.

Or create the ultimate grazing platter with a little help from Coles, see inspo items below.

Original water crackers $0.95

Strawberries pre-packed $1.70

Primo Sopressa Mild Salami $4

Royal Fields salted pretzels $3.50

Coles Dry roasted mixed nuts $10

Jarlsberg original cheese wedge $7.70

Arnott’s Jatz orginial biscuits $3.20

Black Swan spicy capsicum dip $3.50

South Cape spring onion and chive cream cheese $4.60

Always Fresh Grissini Rosemary and sea salt Italian bread sticks $2.75

Hans mild twiggy sticks $3.75

South Cape camembert cheese $6

Black Swan skinny tzatziki $3.50

Primo Pancetta $4