Gourmet Chicken Shop

Gourmet Chicken Shop

Not your average Chooks

Meet owners Arvi and Kim.

‘Gourmet Chicken’ now offers a dazzling variety of chicken products, many prepared with fresh vegetables as well as herbs and spices to provide complete take home cook-and-eat meals. Nor is the gourmet title an idle boast as customers can also place orders for duck, quail, turkey, spatchcock and even crocodile.

But for everyday eating, it is the humble and versatile chicken in all its many tasty guises that is the star of the show. Whether you like it flavoured with rosemary and garlic; with parmesan cheese and herbs; feta & spinach and or with honey and macadamia nuts, you will find it in their display cases. There are cranberry mini roasts; satay spare ribs; chicken stir fry and dozens of other dishes as well.

The Gourmet Chicken Shop opens from 7.30am to 5.30pm on weekdays and from 7.30 to 2pm on Saturdays. Come in to see their enticing selection.


Shop 10
(02) 6562 4172

Trading Hours

With opening hours to suit everyones lifestyle, Kempsey Central is more convenient than ever before.